“Das Ganze Leben” is a South Tyrolean manufacturer of high-quality design products in the residential segment. The name “Das Ganze Leben” (German “The Whole Life”) describes the totality and the versatility of life. Life is change, life is motion, life is process. It was the ambition of this young designer label to create products, which live up to this claim and accompany the user on his way of life and in various life situations. “Das Ganze Leben” combines unconventional design approaches with honest craftsmanship. It wants to create long-lasting aesthetics with high functional demands.
The founders Georg Agostini and Lorenz Sternbach wanted to create not ‘only’ furniture; they also wanted to creatively deal with the social environment and the changing life situations of the user. “You cannot develop a good object of utility without considering the aspect of reality”, says Lorenz Sternbach. The designs and the approach to the designing process lie somewhere between the clear functionality of the North and the aesthetic and conceptual distinct Southern Italian design culture.