Modern life is shaped by manifold possibilities and perspectives, by different concepts of living, relationship and family. Our personal demands and requirements are constantly changing; we are on the move both in our jobs and in private life. The world has become multifaceted and rather complex.

The products of Das ganze Leben series provide answers to this new kind of living. They are intuitive and comprehensible in their shape and function. It is our aim to produce unpretentious and accessible furniture which is self-explanatory in its application and easy in its use. Our pieces of furniture are based on a modular system and can be adjusted to the spatial conditions. Being flexible and created with a vision, they match the users’ needs and their environment. They feature an aesthetic that is not only good-looking, but first and foremost it makes sense.

Our family of furniture bridges the gap between rural tradition and urban lifestyle. We find answers by combining contrasts and by connecting cultural approaches. Plain shapes paired with a maximum functionality, straightforwardness and precision, versatility and compatibility among each other as well as a special sensitivity for the space, the human and the environment characterize our products.

Eva Detail

Pieces of furniture
are first and foremost functional commodities.

Lorenz Sternbach and Georg Agostini,
Das ganze Leben

Roland Detail

Loyal and reliable companions, objects with a meaning, sensible and palpable. We put our heart and soul in the production of our furniture.

The family of products

Luise Detail