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The reduction to the essential – there is no reason to think convenient and naturally functioning commodities in a different way. User-friendly, haptic objects keep us grounded in an increasingly virtual world.

In a superheated world of hypes, fast trends, big data and fake news – how can we find out what’s not just urgent, but essential? How can we personally arrange our lives in a pleasant and sensible way, respecting our responsibility when we face global challenges?

The simplicity of the people who have inhabited the sparse alpine landscape for generations is still today a desirable characteristic in urban space. Mindfulness and quietness have thus become an alternative to the daily sensory overload. It is important to remain flexible and self-determined in a world of fast consumption, without losing orientation in order to understand what is really needed in life.

Eva Detail

EVA Kitchen block

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EMMA Kitchen- and dining table

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Emma Sink

ROLAND Pedestal with wheels

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LUISE Suspended modules for the bathroom

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Luise Detail

LUIS Suspended modular system

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Luis Modules

SOFIA Sofa and daybed

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Sofia Detail