DANIEL- the adjustable sideboard. Available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, DANIEL can be adapted to meet your needs and fit your space. It is durable and multifunctional plus, thanks to its wheels, DANIEL can be moved around easily, letting you change up your space as needed. Flexible. Adjustable. Modular. Functional. DANIEL - the flexible sideboard for a lifetime.

Originally, DANIEL was designed to provide additional storage space for EVA or EMMA, but DANIEL can also be used as a standalone piece of furniture. The sideboard can be used as a room divider, as office storage or as a chest of drawers in the bedroom.

Larger designs are produced using the EVA system: the individual modules are latched onto the base and the top then holds the entire block together. Smaller designs are produced as a single piece of furniture.

To produce DANIEL, we use either oiled or colour varnished birch plywood panels that have been coated with a melamine resin. The translucent, coloured surface emphasizes the grain of the wood, and is odourless and easy to clean. DANIEL is available in the standard colours listed below; other colours are available upon request. Additional materials including solid wood, stone or marble are also available upon request.

Produced in Welsberg, South Tyrol.
Concept & Design: Georg Agostini, Lorenz Sternbach

Daniel Detail
Roland Detail

Daniel Specifications

The wheeled sideboard is available in different sizes. It can be flexibly designed using the three standard modular units (standard widths: 60, 45, 35cm).

Upon request, customized modules can also be made to order.

RRP for DANIEL as pictured below: 4,678 €
Prices vary depending on size and configuration.

Daniel Materials

Oiled, natural Oiled, natural
Oiled, white Oiled, white
White White
Gray Gray
Green Green
Blue Blue
Brown Brown
Black Black

Daniel Measurements