Kitchen block

The EVA kitchen block is a simple modular kitchen unit, consisting of a supporting basis where the single components are latched in with a worktop above, holding the entire block together. The basis is equipped with legs adjustable in height. Thus the time-consuming adjustment to uneven floors becomes superfluous.

The various modules can be freely adjusted and combined with each other at will. They can also be rearranged within the kitchen block at a later point if necessary due to relocation.

The materials available are birch plywood panels, either oil-impregnated or varnished in color and they are laminated with a melamine resin coat (a light-transmissive tinted surface which emphasizes the grain of the wood, spotless and odorless, easy to clean, produced in Finland). For the standard colors see below, more colors can be delivered on demand. We also process massive wood, stone or marble plates; there are no limits to the customers’ wishes.

In addition to the standard modules we also manufacture custom-made special components, thus we can perfectly utilize the space reaching every single corner. We also offer solutions for the corners as well as cupboards where a fridge can be fitted in. Just get in touch with us for more details and concrete planning.

Eva Detail
Eva Detail

Eva Specifications

The kitchen block is available in different lengths. It can be flexibly designed based on the 3 different widths (standard 60, 45, 35cm) of the modular units. The assembly and disassembly is easy to handle and survives any moves without being damaged.

PRICE € 6.999,- incl. Vat

Basic model as shown, 3 modules of 60cm each
Including appliances (oven, electric stove, sink with tap, waste separation system)

Price varies depending on the version.

Eva Materials

Black Black
Birch nature Birch nature
Warm white Warm white
Warm grey Warm grey
Azure Azure
See green See green
Solid spruce Solid spruce

Eva Modules