Hanging modular system

LUIS is a flexible hanging modular system that enhances the kitchen, but can also be used in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway in endless variations. LUIS can be used as a hallway storage unit, as a sideboard, as a TV cabinet or as a bookshelf.

The rather boring classic cabinet has been playfully reinterpreted and transformed into an eye catcher in its own right. A wooden panel is screwed to the wall and acts as the base for the rest of the system. The modules can then be hung up on the panel and easily moved around and adjusted so that LUIS is always where it needs to be. The modules are also adjustable in height, as each module is equipped with their two different height slots at the back. The individual modules are available as shelves or cabinets, with or without doors, in different standard sizes.

Our furniture is made from birch plywood panels. This solid panel material is of a premium quality and a great alternative to chipboard or MDF (fibreboard). It is a long-lasting and is therefore robust enough to withstand the high demands of day-to-day use. It (die high solidity) ensures that the furniture retains its stability and functionality for years to come.

Produced in Welsberg, South Tyrol.
Concept & Design: Georg Agostini, Lorenz Sternbach

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Luis Detail

LUIS Specifications

Modular shelving system – customizable and adjustable. The hanging modules can be moved around (up and down and side to side) and repositioned easily.

Various standard modules are available (standard widths: 60 and 40 cm). Upon request, modules can also be made to order.

LUIS module with door, from 605.00 €
LUIS module without door, from 525.00 €
LUIS panel, from 92.00 € per metre

A list of all materials and colours (incl. HPL colours) can be found under "Detailed information".

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LUIS Materials

Oiled, natural Oiled, natural
Oiled, natural Oiled, natural
White White
Gray Gray
Blue Blue
Green Green
Brown Brown
Black Black

LUIS Measurements