Suspended modular system

LUIS is a flexible suspended wall cabinet system that complements the kitchen, but can also be used in many variations in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom or corridor. Luis can serve as a rack at the entrance, as sideboard or as TV furniture, as bookshelf or even as bathroom furniture with a latched-in washbasin.

The rather boring classic tall cupboard is reinterpreted in a playful manner and becomes an eye-catcher with a twist. The basic wood lath, on which all cabinet components can be latched, is simply screwed onto the wall.

The single modules can be easily shifted horizontally, so LUIS is always there where it is needed. The modules are also adjustable in height (two milled slots at the back for two different heights). The individual are available in a shelf or cupboard version, with or without revolving door, in different standard sizes. We also manufacture custom-made modules on demand.

The materials available are birch plywood panels, either oil-impregnated or varnished in color and they are laminated with a melamine resin coat (a light-transmissive tinted surface which emphasizes the grain of the wood, spotless and odorless, easy to clean, produced in Finland). For the standard colors see below, more colors can be delivered on demand.

Luis Detail

LUIS Specifications

Modular shelving system, customizable and configurable. The individual suspension modules are freely positionable and can easily be moved back and forth in the horizontal. We manufacture standard modules; on request we also realize customized modules.

Default module hight: 40 cm oder 60 cm
Default module widht: 60 cm oder 40 cm
Default module depth: 33 cm , 34,8 cm with/without door
Material thickness: 16/18 mm

PRICE € 1.220,- incl. Vat
1 wood lath 180 cm with 3 open modules

Price varies depending on the version.

LUIS Materials

Black Black
Birch nature Birch nature
Warm white Warm white
Warm grey Warm grey
Azure Azure
See green See green

LUIS Modules