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All of Das ganze Leben’s furniture is designed with our basic philosophy in mind: concentration on the essentials, with a focus on utility. The clarity of our designs is realized through precise craftmanship.

We design and produce independent and even headstrong products to fit into any space. The self-explanatory nature of our furniture offers orientation and assurance. Thanks to their modular character, they can fit into any room and make it a home. They leave space for functionality and don't add additional bulk.

Our approach to design is timeless and sustainable. Durability and sustainability, key features of our products, arise from the care and foresight that goes into developing and producing them. Our furniture speaks for itself without being loud. Timeless yet modern.

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We carefully produce our durable furniture in cooperation with regional specialists. Carefully selected materials and artisanal production processes set our furniture apart.

If your space changes or part of your furniture is damaged, individual elements can be easily replaced or added to, saving you from having to buy a whole new piece of furniture. Sustainability and resource conservation are our focus. Das ganze Leben produces functional furniture that can accompany you throughout your life.

Handling furniture should be easy and intuitive. The personality of its owner is embued into the furniture and surrounding space. Our products are not trend pieces that will soon become obsolete. They are faithful companions that will enrich the lives of those around them for a good long time.


Georg Agostini, managing director, is a carpenter dedicated to his craft. He is responsible for new furniture ideas as well as the feasibility of their production.

Thanks to his many years of experience in the processing of different types of wood, Georg has an understanding of the material that extends beyond the scope of a typical craftsman. He aims to capture the soul and particularities of the material and express them in the final product.

Georg’s approach to craftmanship combines regional tradition with modern, innovative processes. He is also interested in the changing requirements and demands of his clients in this dynamic digital age.

Georg Agostini
Concept, Design and production

Lorenz Sternbach
Concept, Design and Commercialization

Lorenz Sternbach, managing director, is the designer and idea generator for the furniture. He runs the Das ganze Leben Showroom in Bruneck.

After training as an interior designer, Lorenz worked for an international furniture retailer in Vienna, further developing his eye for design and understanding of customer needs. In 2010, he opened his own interior store.

Since then, Lorenz has designed countless successful interior concepts in South Tyrol, Northern Italy, Austria and Germany. Today, Lorenz is an important source of inspiration for contractors and architects who appreciate his creative and unconventional approach to design.