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The pieces of furniture labelled Das Ganze Leben are based on a simple attitude: the concentration on the essentials with a focus on usage and application. The clarity of the designs is pursued in the accuracy of the artisan production.

We design and produce original, sometimes idiosyncratic objects which communicate discretely with space through their style. The implicitness of our objects offers orientation and security. Thanks to their modular concept, the furniture fits into any kind of room and turns it into a living space. The objects create space for the needs of the dwellers without piling up unnecessary ballast.

Our design approach is holistic and sustainable. Longevity is a distinctive quality of our products. The sustainability derives from the accuracy and the vision of our designs, based on our personal experiences and the discussions with our clients. Our products speak for themselves as a matter of course and in a silent way, without being loud. Timeless, but still up with the latest trends.

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We manufacture our robust furniture with a lot of attention to detail in cooperation with local qualified companies. Exclusive materials and accurate manufacturing processes make our objects something special, being affordable at the same time.

If a part gets broken, it is simply replaced, without substituting it with a completely new piece of furniture. This is a statement against consumption and the conventional furniture industry. Das Ganze Leben provides unpretentious commodities which age along with the responsible users so that they can accompany them for the whole life.

The handling of such a piece of furniture must be pleasant, it must happen in a direct way and with ease, without thinking about why it is like that. The individual use of the objects establishes a relationship to them. The objects don’t follow a stylish trend which becomes out of date soon. They rather facilitate everyday life, they don’t ask any questions and they keep their users in the flow so that they can focus on the really important things in life.


Georg Agostini is a passionate carpenter. He manages the Hache carpentry in Welsberg / South Tyrol and draws responsible for the production of all our furniture.

Thanks to his long lasting experience in the manufacturing of different types of wood, Georg has managed to acquire sensitivity for the material that goes far beyond the artisan know-how. His attitude consists in capturing the soul and the peculiarities of a workpiece and endowing the product with it.

Georg’s artisan skills refer to regional tradition and history, without looking back in a nostalgic way. He is also interested in the latest requirements and demands of his clients who live in the digital age and in a society that is constantly changing.

Georg Agostini
Concept and production

Lorenz Sternbach
Concept and marketing

Lorenz Sternbach is the managing director of the Sternbach Showroom in the upper town of Bruneck. Besides featuring a well-balanced choice of furniture, the showroom serves also as exhibition space for the Das Ganze Leben family of products.

After his interior design formation at the college for interior and furniture design in Mödling, Lorenz worked for an international furniture store in Vienna. In 2010 he returned to his native town of Bruneck and founded the Sternbach Showroom.

Since then, he has successfully created room concepts all over South Tyrol, in northern Italy, Austria and Germany and has soon become a point of reference for clients and architects who appreciate unusual solutions and who are looking for unconventional suggestions off the beaten track.